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The entire story happens on the night of the worst snowstorm in the history of Chicago. Jelly Dinotto, a large, lovable and misfit mobster, is given his marching orders to return to Italy where, unbeknownst to him, his cousin Nick is planning on having him killed.

Desperate to have one more veal ossobucco before he leaves town, Jelly drags Nick to Vesuvios restaurant. As the snow falls, Jelly and Nick become trapped inside the restaurant along with two underachieving, anal-retentive Chicago detectives and the few, remaining restaurant employees.

Luckily for Jelly, Megan, the earthy, compassionate waitress for whom he is carrying a huge torch, is one of those employees. Will Jelly find true love inside Vesuvios? Or will this ossobucco be his last?

mike star
aaron nick antwankevin